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Experienced Specialists in Compliance and Risk

Compliance Group helps firms master their ongoing compliance and regulatory challenges.

We are a team of experts with proven track records as in-house Legal Counsels, Compliance Officers, Risk Managers, and Internal Auditors in various industries.

Our extensive legal and compliance knowledge covers diverse issues and jurisdictions where our experience in the region is an advantage – in particular Switzerland and Europe, but also Eastern Europe, America and some Arab and Asian jurisdictions.

We are here for you. Please contact us, should you have any questions about us or our services.

Vanessa Gisler


Vanessa Gisler has over 10 years of experience as Deputy Compliance Officer in a law firm specializing in trust law and the supervision of international investment structures.

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Lena Engeli


Lena Engeli worked several years at a large international multi family office in Switzerland and has considerable experience in financial services.

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Wilfried Bürge

Compliance and Risk Management

Wilfried Bürge worked for more than 20 years as Head of Internal Audit with various banks and has a proven track record in performing internal controls and managing internal investigations as well as in risk management.

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Alex Troschel

Risk Management / IKS

Alex Troschel has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, most recently as a member of the management board of a globally operating bank with responsibility for the areas risk management, risk control, internal control, legal affairs, and compliance.

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Werner Bayard

Compliance and Risk Management

Werner has worked for many years as Head of Compliance in the financial services industry as well as in project management, organizational management, risk management and controlling.

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