Flexible Compliance Services –
tailored to your needs

«It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.»Warren Buffett

Smaller and medium-sized businesses and global companies will face a rising number of new legal and regulatory requirements.

Compliance Group’s experts are here to reduce your legal, financial and reputational risks. We help your company define clear compliance processes and monitor all regulations and legal requirements that are applicable to your company.

We analyze your company-specific regulatory requirements, develop compliance tools and implement these within the framework of your organizational workflows.

Compliance Group offers you and your company a broad range of services with three flexible modules. Whether you seek support on one specific issue, require the full scope of one of our modules, or whether your needs range across all our service modules, we are happy to custom-tailor our services to accommodate your company’s compliance requirements.

Compliance Concepts and Strategies

Service Module Maxi
  • Developing and impementing a Compliance Program
  • Assessing legal and compliance risks, processes and controls
  • Establishing internal Compliance departments or workflows
  • Assessing existing Legal & Compliance departments or workflow processes
  • Developing internal codes of conduct, policies, regulations, forms, controls or reports
  • Provide Compliance training


Service Module Midi
  • Implementing new or existing regulations with your company
  • Leading or providing support with legal or regulatory projects
  • Providing support with complex international contracts or transactions
  • Performing Politically Exposed Person (PEP) reviews, high risk client reviews and investigations of high-risk transactions
  • Checking client files’ compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Providing inhouse Legal & Compliance staffing support to offset capacity issues or shortage of staff
  • Exercising the office of a Legal Counsel or Compliance Officer for your business (as an outsourcing service or on a temporary basis)
  • Serving as Money Laundering Reporting Officer


Service Module Mini
  • Performing integrity checks on clients or other contractual parties
  • Dealing with requests regarding required legal or account opening documentation
  • Answering legal requests of clients or heirs
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What does Compliance mean?
The term, compliance, has its origin in the anglo-american jurisdiction and means conforming with law and regulations.
What is Compliance?
Compliance ensures that companies comply with all applicable rules and regulations. Along with Risk Management and Corporate Governance, Compliance is an integral part of modern management and monitoring.
What is the difference between Risk Management and Compliance?
Risk Management stands for a systematic detection and measurement of risks and the proposed response to those. Compliance ensures adherence to rules and regulations. Risk Management and Compliance are therefore closely connected.
What is the difference between Corporate Governance and Compliance?
Corporate Governance stands for the mechanisms, processes and relations by which companies are controlled and directed. Corporate Governance is therefore closely related to Compliance, which ensures adherence to rules and regulations.
What is the difference between Internal Audit and Compliance?
The emphasis in Internal Audit is largely reactive, assessing the effectiveness of controls currently in place and in use; Compliance plays a predominantly front-end, preventive role. Still, both activities are closely connected.
How much will the services of Compliance Group cost my company?
Our pricing is competitive, transparent and can be clearly budgeted based on the volume and duration of a mandate. Contact us for individual requests regarding our services and rates.
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